Signs that You Have a Broken Toe Boynton Beach

If you feel pain in your toes, it could either be fracture or strain. It can be difficult for people who do not have medical background to distinguish what their condition is. Whether it is fracture or sprain, it is still important that you have it checked by a licensed podiatrist. There are two types of fracture -- traumatic fracture or stress fracture. If you have heard a sound at the time when your toe breaks, that could be traumatic fracture. Additionally, if there is bruising and swelling, as well as a significant change in the shape of the toe, then it is a traumatic fracture.

On the other hand, stress fracture is when there is swelling but no bruising. You only feel the pain during or after an activity. Pain associated with stress fracture is intermittent. Fracture and sprain may have similar signs and symptoms. Perhaps the only difference is that the pain is not only in the affected part but also in the whole area. Go to Mattison Podiatry Group right away to have your fracture or sprain assessed and treated.

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