Symptoms of Ankle Fractures Boynton Beach

The symptoms of ankle sprains and ankle fractures are almost the same. This is why most people tend to ignore fractures and manage on their own, thinking that what they have got is only sprain. Pain is the number one sign of having ankle injuries. But with ankle fracture, the pain does not always come from the specific fractured site. The pain could radiate to the knee and the foot, too, and it could stop you from walking.

Swelling is also evident in ankle fractures, which is brought about by soft tissue damage. The accumulation of blood in the affected joint causes the swelling. Bruise may also appear in the affected site and may extend toward the foot and the toes.

Depending on the severity of the fracture, there can be obvious change in the structure of the bones. Either you see the real bone coming out of the skin, or the skin is stretched due to the broken bone. Movement can be very painful when you have ankle fractures Boynton Beach. If you want to get proper treatment and recover fast, go to the right medical professional. Go to Mattison Podiatry Group right away!

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