Toenail Laser Treatment: What To Expect

The best part of opting for toenail laser treatment is that it has zero downtime. This means you can go back to your usual routine soon after the session. During the session, you should feel no discomfort or pain although some patients reported that they felt warm and there was a tingling sensation. Laser therapy guarantees that you won't get burnt nor damage the healthy tissues surrounding the infected nail bed.

There are no known side effects of toenail laser treatment unlike using topical and oral fungal medications. Also, laser can cure even the most severe nail fungal infection. A few months after the treatment, you will see new, healthy, and clear nails growing again. It is important to understand though that there is no guarantee that the fungal infection will not recur. Remember that you should also do your part and observe proper nail care to avoid recurrence and cross contamination. Call Mattison Podiatry Group for more details.

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