What Is Heel Spur Boynton Beach?

Heel spur is bony formation, calcification, or protrusion on the heel bone brought about by the constant wear and tear in the connective tissue and developed over a long period of time. Plantar fasciitis is often associated with the heel pain that individuals with heel spurs experience. Both conditions cause chronic pain that affects movement and function.

Chronic or intermittent pain is one of the most common symptoms of heel spurs. The pain is aggravated when one walks, runs, or jogs, especially when there is inflammation while the spurs form. People with this condition describe it as knife-like pain or a sharp pain specifically when they first get up in the morning. The pain decreases as they walk, but worsens after a long period of walking or resting.

Heel spur itself is actually painless. What causes the pain is the injury to the surrounding tissues. If you experience chronic or intermittent pain on the foot, go to a foot doctor right away. Mattison Podiatry Group specializes in all foot problems including heel spur in Boynton Beach.

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