Foot Fractures Boynton Beach: What Are Fractures?

Did you recently hurt your foot after a fall? Or maybe you dropped something heavy on it and now you can't walk properly? You are likely suffering from a fracture and it could be painful. Foot Fractures Boynton Beach is caused by trauma or direct injury to the bone. It could also be developed after repetitive activity as well.

There are two types of fractures: displaced and non-displaced. A non-displaced fracture is where the bone is cracked but the ends of the bone are together. A displaced fracture is where the end of the broken bones have partially or completely separated. It can also be either closed or open, depending on whether the skin is broken and the wound extends down to the bone. Open fractures are more serious because the open skin can attract bacteria to enter the wound and cause infection. How can you tell if you have a fracture? The most common symptoms are pain and swelling. Other symptoms may include: bruising or discoloration and pain when walking or weight bearing.

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