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The development of foot complications is one of the leading causes of hospital admission among patients with Diabetes Mellitus. Since diabetic patients lose the ability to feel pain brought about by peripheral nerve damage, they will not know that they have cuts or sores in their feet until they see it. With this, regular diabetic foot care Boynton Beach is very important.

During check-ups, the podiatrists would carefully assess the patient's feet to see if there are any changes in color, severe dryness, cracks, swelling, increased skin temperature, sores and wounds. Early recognition of the signs and symptoms of possible foot complications is vital in diabetic foot care Boynton Beach. Early assessment and diagnosis lead to prompt treatment and recovery.

Mattison Podiatry Group Docs Do Diabetic Foot Care Boynton Beach

Mattison Podiatry Group provides expert diabetic foot care Boynton Beach. The podiatric center has been serving Florida for more than 25 years already. Dr. Brad Mattison and his wife, Dr. Susan Mattison, who are both podiatrists, own the clinic. Both of them have more than 40 years of combined experience in dealing with different kinds of foot, ankle and lower leg problems.

Mattison Podiatry Group offers the most up-to-date diagnostic and treatment approaches to address different kinds of foot, ankle and lower leg conditions. Drs. Brad and Susan Mattison only want the latest, safest and the most effective treatments for their patients. So if you have diabetes and you want to receive quality diabetic foot care Boynton Beach from proficient podiatrists, then this is the best clinic to go to.

Preventing Exacerbation of Diabetic Foot

One of the many complications of Diabetes Mellitus is having a diabetic foot. Poorly managed diabetes and failure to seek foot care from experts often lead to amputation. Paying regular visits to the doctors at Mattison Podiatry Group is one of the best ways to prevent the exacerbation of a diabetic foot.

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