Complications Of Ankle Sprains

Many people ignore ankle sprain, thinking that it would just heal on its own. This is definitely wrong because ankle sprain could lead to more serious complications if it is left untreated or improperly treated. Complications could happen when you do get proper diagnosis, and you get the wrong treatment for a more serious injury.

In addition, complications arise when you move the injured site too soon. Ankle sprain needs time to heal. It must be immobilized and rested. Complications include chronic pain. If the sprain has been improperly treated, received delayed treatment, or not treated at all, the pain could last for a very long time. This could also lead to incorrect healing of the torn ligaments. As a result, the ankle becomes weak. Arthritis could also be a complication of improperly treated ankle sprains.

You can avoid all these complications with proper diagnosis and treatment from board-certified podiatrists at Mattison Podiatry Group. Call us now!

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