Laser vs Topical Medications For Nail Fungus

Topical and oral medications have been used to treat nail fungus for many years. Although there have been many reports that these treatment methods are effective, the results take a long time and the administration is very inconvenient. Additionally, oral fungal medications can damage the liver and come with too many side effects. Although nail fungus are superficial, medications can hardly penetrate these areas.

On the other hand, laser therapy for nail fungus only requires a patient to undergo 3 or 4 sessions with 4 to 6 weeks apart. Each session only lasts for 30 minutes depending on the degree of the infection. Toenail laser is painless. You can definitely go back to your daily routine without the discomfort. You will see the difference in only a few weeks. Unlike topical and oral medications, toenail laser doesn't have side effects. It does not kill the healthy tissues around your healthy nails. Ask the experts at Mattison Podiatry Group to know more about this treatment.

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