Don't Be Sidelined By An Injury

Mattison Podiatry Group is proud to offer AMNIOFIX INJECTABLE STEM CELL THERAPY.

What Is It?

AmnioFix Injectable is human amniotic membrane graft in a powder form that is mixed with an anesthetic for injection into the injured area. Amniotic membrane has been used for 100 years on all parts of the body to help the body repair damaged tissue non-surgically.

How Does It Work?

Soft tissue trauma and overuse can cause micro-tears that can become inflamed causing scar tissue to form. Conservative treatments such as oral medication, rest, bracing & physical therapy are important, but may not be enough to heal the damaged tissue.

AmnioFix injectable contains growth factors and cytokines that effectively reduce inflammation, reduce scar tissue formation, and enhance healing of micro-tears in soft tissue.

Is AmnioFix Right For You?

AmnioFox injectable should be considered as part of your treatment if:

What Conditions Can Be Treated With AmnioFix?

AmnioFix injectable can be used in the treatment of injury to the Achilles tendon, posterior tibialis tendon, peroneal tendon, bursitis, ankle sprains, and chronic plantar fasciitis.

How Many Injections Will I Need?

You and your doctor should decide together based on your response to the initial injections. Often, 2 injections are required, given 30 days apart.

Is AmnioFix Covered By My Insurance?

Stem Cell/AmnioFix injection is not currently covered by health insurance.

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