Who Are At Risk For Having Heel Spur Boynton Beach?

Everyone can have heel spurs. However, some individuals have a higher risk in developing this abnormal bone formation on the bottom or the side of the heel. On top of the list are athletes or individuals who walk and run a lot. The constant wear and tear in the connective tissues of the foot could lead to the development of spurs. Most athletes who have heel spurs often have plantar fasciitis, too.

Additionally, being overweight puts you at risk of having heel spur. Our feet carry our entire body weight, and the extra weight gives too much stress on the ligaments of the foot. With constant stress and strains, heel spurs could form. Other factors that could put one at risk of developing such condition include wearing of ill-fitting shoes, specifically those without proper arch support. Also, walking gait abnormalities could stress the nerves surrounding the heel and the ligaments which can also lead to heel spur formation.

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