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Abnormality in the length of a bone and muscle imbalance are often the causes of having hammer toe condition. Individuals who always wear high heels and tight shoes are more prone to develop this condition. The affected toe usually cocks upward and is accompanied by swelling and redness. If you have these, see a hammer toe doctor Boynton Beach right away.

Developing corns and calluses is also one of the effects of hammer toe since the footwear can rub against the top of the bended toes. Ulcerations and infections are also likely to develop especially in diabetic patients. Hammer toe doctor Boynton Beach advices patients to observe proper care for the toes and feet like wearing the appropriate footwear, doing exercises that will strengthen the toe muscles and wearing protecting pads on the affected toe.

Best Hammer Toe Doctor Boynton Beach at Mattison Podiatry Group

Mattison Podiatry Group is one of the best podiatric centers to go to if you want to get the best management for any foot, ankle and lower leg problems. If you have deformities like hammer toe, then we also have the highly-skilled and experienced hammer toe doctor Boynton Beach, who can manage your condition safely and effectively using the conservative and surgical treatments.

Two trusted and reputable podiatrists, Drs. Brad and Susan Mattison, own Mattison Podiatry Group. They have served Boynton Beach for more than 25 years already and they will continue to provide only the best treatments for their patients. We have got all you need here- from the best hammer toe doctor Boynton Beach who can deal with simple to complex foot, ankle and lower leg problems to the amiable staff and great services.

Proper Care for Hammer Toe

Appropriate care for hammer toe is important. If you the signs and symptoms of a hammer toe, consult with a podiatrist right away. The Mattison Podiatry Group doctors are the best people who can assess your condition and make the appropriate treatment plan, which will include proper ways to care for hammer toe.

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