Who are at Risk of Broken Foot?

Anyone can have a broken foot or foot fractures. However, there are some people that are more prone to have it. This includes athletes like runners, foot ball players, tennis players, and those who are into gymnastics, hockey, snowboarding, skiing and ballet. If you are into sports, whether you are a pro or a hobbyist, make sure that you use your sports equipment well, especially your shoes.

People working in the construction field are also prone to having broken foot as they are at high risk of falling. If you live in a disorganized, poorly lit, and cluttered home, people living on it are also at risk. Additionally, those who have bone conditions such as osteoporosis should be very careful because they can easily break their foot and ankles, too. Mattison Podiatry Group specializes in broken foot treatment and other lower leg conditions. Schedule a consultation now.

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