What Is Ankle Sprains Boynton Beach?

Even the fittest athlete can experience ankle sprain. This can happen to anyone, everywhere. Sprain is the injury or tear to the ligaments - fiber that connects the bone to another bone, and hold the joints together. Sprain can be partial or a complete tear of the ligaments, but both can be very painful. Mild sprains may be treated with home remedies, but with severe cases where there is greater swelling, one must see a doctor right away.

Ankle sprains can be diagnosed with physical examination. Some doctors may require x-ray to make sure that there is no fracture. For third degree sprain where there is a complete tear in the ligaments, surgery may be required and even MRI may be done to find out the extent of the injury.

If you have a sprained ankle, whether it is a mild or severe case, have it checked by a foot and ankle specialist. Call Mattison Podiatry today for effective treatment of ankle sprains Boynton Beach.

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