What are Ankle Fractures Boynton Beach?

Ankle fractures are the most common injuries that can happen to anyone. Whether you are an elite athlete or a person living in sedentary lifestyle, you can have ankle fractures. People with foot and ankle injuries often seek help due to pain in the injured site, inability to walk, and the fear of having a broken bone. The doctors' first concern is also to rule out if there is indeed a broken bone.

Our foot is made up of a very complicated, tiny bone structures. The ankle is comprised of three bones joined together - the tibia, fibula, and the talus. All three are held in place by the ligaments or the fibers. When any of these parts are hit by strong force or stress, ligaments can be torn apart resulting to sprains. But when the bones break or separated, it results to fractures.

Ankle fractures can be very painful and can greatly affect your function. This is why when you suspect that you have one, go to a foot doctor right away. Mattison Podiatry Group is the place to go when you have sprain, strain, or ankle fractures Boynton Beach.

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