Treatments for Ankle Fractures

Proper treatment for ankle fractures always start with careful assessment and accurate diagnosis. A good foot and ankle specialist would evaluate your injury first before he or she applies the treatment. The doctor will ask you about the history of the injury and many other pertinent questions for assessment as well as physical examination. If the doctor thinks you have ankle fracture, you will undergo X-ray.

Depending on the extent of injury, the fractured site may be casted in order to align the broken bones. In cases where the bone comes out of the skin, surgery must be performed before the cast is applied. Cast application must be accurate to avoid complications such as the compartment syndrome.

The injured site should remain immobile until the doctor says so. Follow up treatment is a must to achieve fast recovery. Whether it is ankle sprain or ankle fracture, see a foot doctor immediately. Mattison Podiatry Group has board-certified podiatrists who can take care of you. Get in touch with us today.

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